Deck Colour Change

by Debayan
(West Bengal, India)

THE EFFECT: The magician takes a blue deck of cards and after giving them a good shuffle they change into a red deck!

THE SECRET: For this trick you only need one blue card, place this on top of a red deck. Place the red deck (with blue card on top) into a blue card case then you are set.

Begin the trick by removing the blue card case from your pocket. Remove the cards from the case keeping them perfectly square so you do not flash the red cards. Without saying anything your spectators will naturally assume all the cards are blue.

Give the cards an overhand shuffle making sure the front of the cards are facing the audience. Always finish the overhand shuffle by placing the blue card back on top of the deck.

Now here is the move that will convince your audience that all the cards are blue without you having to say so. Turn the deck face up perfectly square. Grip the deck from above at the sides and begin to strip cards off the top into your other hand.

Every few cards or so turn the bottom of the deck over and show the top blue card to your audience. Keep doing this until you get through most of the deck. The audience will think they are seeing different cards each time but in fact they are seeing the top card.

When you get to a point where there are only a few cards on top of the blue card place the small packet on the rest of the deck. Give the whole deck a magical riffle then turn the deck over.

Begin fanning through the cards to show they are now all red! Make sure you do not fan too deep into the deck or the one blue card will be flashed.

TIP: At the beginning of the trick never say all the cards are blue because that will arouse suspicion. Just let your audience see for themselves.

TIP: The blue card case is a great convincer because the audience will psychologically assume all the cards are blue!

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May 20, 2011
very good trick
by: ayush

it's a nice trick.keep sending more like these...

Sep 10, 2010
cool idea, but 1 big flaw.
by: Anonymous

what if they ask to see the cards? your stuck and your secrets out. too much of a risk.

Jun 13, 2010
A tip
by: Magician Mallis

Hey, great trick!! I figured out how to show all the cards without showing the blue card when fanning the deck at the end of the performance. Just use transparent double-sided tape on the back of the blue card. So when you are finished showing the back of "all" the cards, the blue card sticks to any normal card with the red back. This way you can show the entire deck without worrying about showing one blue back. You can even let the spectator examine the deck. But be careful, becauses the thickness of the card doubles!! \o/
And that's it! Hope I helped.

Jun 05, 2010
by: RAJU


Feb 22, 2010
by: johann

good teacher, this is important to speak about the psychology side..thanks

Feb 11, 2009
nice trick
by: Misteor

nice trick very nice im gonna try it

Sep 11, 2008
by: Debayan

Thank you very much everyone who has given me these wonderful comments!

Sep 11, 2008
by: Anchit's nice and has superb effect on the spectators

Sep 05, 2008
by: Siki

hey i saw your comment on my page and i think yours is good tooo.

Aug 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

great trick dude!a great output of sharp mind..3 cheers 2 ur cunning trick..keep cracking ur brains for more such excellent shuffles 2 bamboozle the human mind..ELDER BRO-SAYAN

Aug 27, 2008
by: Simon

Well I thinks that's a cool trick. Thanks for sharing!

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