Do As I do...

by Real McCoy
(Rossville, Ga)

THE EFFECT: You and your spectator both hold a deck of cards. You explain to your spectator that if you and him shuffle the decks and pick out a card the same way, you and the assistant will amazingly pick the same card!

THE SECRET: You need two decks of cards for this effect. You shuffle one deck and your assistant shuffles the other. Make sure you and the assistant shuffles the decks the same way to make the trick more of a mystery.

After the decks have been shuffled you exchange decks with your assistant and tell him to shuffle your deck and you will shuffle his or hers deck. While shuffling the assistant's deck secretly look at the bottom card before exchanging decks with them again (all the while remembering what the bottom card of their deck was).

Have the assistant reach in the middle of his deck and get a card out and you do the same with your deck. Have have him place his card on top of his deck and you do the same with your deck. Tell him to cut his deck several times while you do the same.

After each of you have cut your decks exchange decks again to 'make sure each of you are on the same wavelenth'. When you get the deck from your assistant look through the deck until you see the bottom card that you peeked at while shuffling his deck.

The card he picked will be the card to the right of the peeked card. Place this card on the table face down and then tell your assistant to look through his deck and get the card he picked and place it face down next to yours.

Have the assistant slowly turn the two cards face up and they will be the same cards!


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Aug 29, 2009
not that good
by: guitardude27

i did this trick once but then i relized the trick is not that good

Apr 23, 2009
know this one
by: tricksteve

this trick was taught by someoneo9n the

Nov 29, 2008
by: Anonymous

i saw this trick from ellusionist... hehehe... a pretty nice trick.. key card principle...

Nov 20, 2008
by: kinan

wow!!!!!!!!!!!it is sooooooooo awsoomeeee!!!!!u r a greatttttttttttttT magician!!!!!

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