Dollar Bill Guess

EFFECT:A spectator places a rolled up dollar bill under 1 out of 3 cups with your back turned.When you turn back around.You can immediately able to tell cup has a the bill under it! Did I mention that the spectator can mix up the cups with your back turned?

SECRET:For this effect you can use your cups from your Cups&Balls effect.So your cups should be opaque or not see
through.Roll up the bill and hand it to them.Tell them to place the bill under anyone of the cups and mix them up when your back is turned.When you turn around,pretend to concentrate and then pick the left most cup to you.If is there,then you have revealed where it is.If it is not,move it to the right.Make sure not to make it obvious if it is not there by acting sad or upset.Repeat the above and once again if it is there,you have correctly guessed where the bill is.If it is not,move to the end of the row.This seems as if you are mixing up the cups.Believe me,it works!If you have the left most cup to the end twice,then the bill should be on the leftmost cup now.Reveal it there if it is.

TIP:When you pick up a cup to move it if the bill is not under it,make sure to not stop and hesitate.This creates a weird and very weak effect.

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