Don't Look Up

THE EFFECT: A spectator picks a card from the deck. The card is replaced and the deck is shuffled as normal. Suddenly the magician throws the deck at the ceiling. As all the cards fall to the floor one card remains on the ceiling. The spectators card!

THE SECRET: This is a good stunt for your den or anywhere with a ceiling. Have any card tacked (adhesive blue tack) to the ceiling and you will be surprised to find that no one will notice the card.

At the right time force a duplicate card and have it returned to the deck. Suddenly throw the deck at the correct point on the ceiling and the spectator will see their selected card stuck up there.

TIP: Learn a simple force by signing up to this site HERE.
You get a free digital book with great forces in it!

TIP: If you are worried that the spectator might see the duplicate card on the floor with the other cards, introduce the simple Vanishing Card trick to make it vanish from the deck.


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Sep 11, 2008
by: Debayan

It's a good trick!!!

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