Final Number Prediction

by C.M.

The Effect: You get a volunteer from the audience, then get him/her to think any number between 1 to 20. Make him/her do some calculations and you can always predict the result and the result is diffrent every time!

The Method: First, get a volunteer from the audience. Make sure he/she can do math sums. Step 1: Tell him/her to think a number between 1 to 20. Tell him/her to double it, then divide it by the first number he/she chose. He/she should get the number 2. Step 2: Get him/her to add it with 2, then minus it with 3, multiply it by 5 and you can tell him the result is 5. tip: You can use any calculations after you finished step one,as long as you know the final result.
How It Works: Examine step 1 carefully, and you will find out that if any number is doubled then divided by the first number will always get the number 2. You can be more creative by changing the number to multiply like multiplying it by 3, 4, etc. So, if you already knew the result you can do some calculations as step 2.

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