by Connor
(Stoughton, Ma, USA)

THE EFFECT: Two cards are randomly selected, remembered and replaced. Then they're shuffled into the deck. Half the deck is cut and placed off to the side. The other half remains in the magicians hand.

Half of the half is taken off, flipped around, then woven halfway into the face-down cards. The same with the other half. The two halves are placed together and squared. With a snap of their fingers, the magician reveals that all cards are face down but two - the selected cards!

THE SECRET: Have two cards selected at random, then remembered and placed on the top of the deck. Control both cards to the bottom (I use the Overhand Shuffle), then secretly turn them face up. Use a distraction like, "Do you still remember your cards?" Then, holding the deck with the top of the deck towards the audience, cut off the bottom half.

As you do this, keep pressure with your fingers so the bottom card remains behind. There should now be two half-decks, each with a face up card on the bottom. Place one half off to the side. Cut half off the top of the other and fan them out with one hand, face up. As you do this, turn the other cards face down. Now weave the face up cards into the "face down" ones.

Place this off to the side and do the same with the other half. Now place the halves together and square them. Reveal the two face up cards any way you like!


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Nov 30, 2009
ridouan zaoui
by: ridouan

zaoui ridouan magic ...

May 12, 2008
Nice effect!
by: Simon

Nice trick Conner. I will have to try that one out it sounds pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

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