Free easy magic tricks are the best, and this one is no exception. Ever wanted to know exactly what card a spectator has chosen from the deck? Now you can...


THE EFFECT: The magician shuffles the deck and then asks a spectator to cut the cards and take one out. To make things fair the magician gives a butter knife to the spectator to place into the deck to make sure they have a totally free selection.

The deck is cut and the spectator is asked to memorize their card. The spectator is then free to shuffle the deck to loose their card. Amazingly the magician is able reveal the spectators card in an instant. Watch the effect and secret below then learn free easy magic tricks...

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THE SECRET: Free easy magic tricks! This is such an easy trick to do, at first you may think it's too simple to work. But it does work, very well. There are no crazy moves to pull off and everything you do looks natural. The only thing out of the ordinary is the knife, but you can easily explain to your spectator that...

"Many magicians use funny moves to try and make you pick a certain card, but I like to keeps things fair. Please carefully push the knife into the deck anywhere you like and what ever card you cut to will be your card - sound fair?"

What you have just done is make a good excuse why you are using the knife to "make things fair". Infact the knife is the gimmick that makes the trick work!

Get the spectator to first shuffle the deck then insert the butter knife into the deck (pic 1). Take the handle of the knife from the front and turn the deck around (pic 2). Just before you begin to lift the top half off of the deck on the knife, turn the knife just slightly so the reflection of the up most card can be seen (pic 3).

free easy magic tricks

You have just taken a sneaky look at the card the spectator will choose even before they know the card. Do this quick and certainly don't make a big thing out of it. Lift the top half off the deck with the butter knife and let your spectator look at the card they cut to.

At this point they can handle the deck themself, putting their card back and shuffling. You already know their card. The beauty of one of the simplest free easy magic tricks is that for 99% of the time, the spectator can handle the deck. Magic is much more powerful when it happens in the spectators hands.

TIP: Please be carefuly if using the knife in your routine. Never use a sharp knife. You want to use a blunt butter knife that is flat and nice and shiny, so it reflects!

All that is left for you to do is reveal the card to your spectator. Please do not do as I did in the video above and simply fan through the deck and take out their card. Reveal their card in a more exciting way.

Perhaps you could scroll through the deck as if looking for their card and secretly put it on top of the deck. Perform a double lift (so you pick up the top two cards of the deck as one). Ask if that is their card, they will say "No", place the card(s) back on top of the deck then this time take the top card off and hand it to them. Say the magic words, get the spectator to turn the card over and it will have magically turned into their card!

There are many other ways to reveal a spectators card - use your imagination!

TIP: Make sure you position the knife at the bottom left corner of the deck to glimpse the number and suit of the card. If you are not in this position (eg over to the right) then there will be nothing to reflect.


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