A free magic coin trick to move ordinary objects with the power of your mind, sound cool? Read on...

For me this is one GREAT free magic coin trick! Very clean, very visual, simply a stunning coin effect. The beauty of this trick is it is performed at a glass table. Spectators have a totally unobstructed view at all times. Once you learn the effect I am sure you will love it!

You place a coin (can be borrowed) on the table. You tap the coin under and over the table to prove both the table and coin are solid. You place one hand above the table and one hand below it.

The hand above the table covers the coin momentarily and with a slow soft rubbing motion the hand is removed to reveal the coin has penetrated through the table and into your hand below it!

Watch the performance below then I will reveal all...


THE SECRET: For this free magic coin trick you are going to need two coins that are attracted to a magnet (or metal washers as an alternative) and a Magnetic Finger Ring. These usually come in either gold, silver or black and are extremely strong magnets. Luckily for you we stock some in our new Magic Store HERE.

Now these rings are very versatile. You can perform many, many different effects only limited by your imagination. For example these rings are excellent for the Coin in Bottle trick too!

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Pretty cool free magic coin trick hey? Right first you need to go get your Magnetic Ring, I'll wait right here....Got it? Good, then we will begin!

Place the ring on the finger you feel most comfortable with. It should be a nice snug fit. The beauty of these rings is that they look just like any other normal ring. However you have a powerful magnet at your disposal!

Palm the first coin in your curled fingers of your hand, between your forth and pinky fingers. Hold the second coin in plain view at the finger tips of the same hand. Spectators should only be aware of one coin through out the whole trick.

Tap the coin on and under the table a few times to show the coin and table are both solid. Now leave the coin on the table and bring the hand with the hidden coin in below the table. Place the hand with the Magnetic Ring flat on the table and secretly let the coin attract to the magnet from under the table.

TIP: Be careful at this point not to make a 'clink' sound as the coin sticks under the table, practice this bit!

When the coin has stuck to the underside of the table you can move your hand around quite freely and the coin will stay. DO NOT lift your hand off the table or the coin will drop! Move your hand (with the ring and coin) over the coin on the table. At the same time your other hand reaches up under the table, kind of sandwiching the glass.

Now let the magnet pick up the coin on the table, while making a rubbing motion. At the exact same time the hand under the table needs to hold the coin that the magnet was holding. Lift the hand above the table away and show the coin has penetrated right through the glass!

TIP: Try and make sure that the two coins are facing the same way up when performing the trick. For example both heads or tails up. Otherwise a keen spectator may notice it change.

I hope you like this free magic coin trick as much as I do. Invest in a Magnetic Ring and you will have an awesome trick to add to your arsenal.


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