Ghost Coin

by cab123four

THE EFFECT: You display a coin and place it in a fold of the material of your trousers. A spectator is allowed to feel the coin to make sure it's still there. Yet, under these seemingly impossible conditions, the coin vanishes completely.

THE SECRET: Place a duplicate coin you intend to vanish in your right trouser pocket.

Show the other coin and place it in a fold in the material of your trousers (next to the duplicate). Secretly remove the first coin into your palm and hide it.

Let the spectator feel the duplicate (they don't know it's actually in your pocket) While they are feeling the coin get rid of the one in your hand either in a jacket pocket or back pocket. Unravel the material and show the coin has vanished!


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Jun 11, 2012
who are u
by: princess

Anonymous who r u i have seen many times ur name in many places

Jul 25, 2010
I can explain.
by: Anonymous

You're all asking for a clearer explanation, so here it is:
Simply, you start with two coins. You place one in down your pants BEHIND your pocket. The audience don't know it's there. You then say "I'm going to make this coin vanish" (holding the coin that is NOT in your pocket). You pretend to put it in your pocket, but really you hide it somewhere else. You get your audience to press against your pants (they feel the coin and think it's the one you put in your pocket, but really it's the hidden one). You then open your pocket to reveal it's gone. Hope I explained it well :D

Apr 27, 2010
clearer pls
by: Anonymous

i don't really get it, could you make a vid?

Dec 17, 2009
Clearer Please!
by: magicmaster

Please post a video

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