Glass Vanish

THE EFFECT: The magician seated at a table hands a coin, a napkin and glass to a spectator to examine. The magician takes the glass and turns it upside down over the coin, he then places the napkin snugly over the glass.

The magician states "I am going to make the coin vanish!" After a few magical gestures the magician removes the glass covered napkin but the coin is still there, looking rather embarrassed the magician tries again, but still the coin remains.

The magician says OK then, if I can't vanish the coin how about the glass! immediately the magician slams his hand down onto the napkin, squashing it into the table. The glass has indeed vanished!

THE SECRET: You will need the following...

A Coin
A Napkin
A table with a table cloth

This trick relies on misdirection. You pretend you are trying to make the coin vanish however this is just a ploy to get the spectators attention focused on it. When you vanish the glass it is very surprising and unexpected.

When you place the napkin over the glass make sure it covers it totally. You should find that the napkin retains the shape of the glass even when you remove the glass from under the napkin. This is the secret.

When you have failed to vanish the coin the second time move the glass covered napkin towards the edge of the table and let the glass secretly fall into your lap. The napkin will retain the shape of the glass. Hold the napkin over the coin and slam it into the table with the other hand. The glass will have vanished!

TIP: You could change the effect slightly by saying you are going to make the coin melt right through the table. Instead of the coin you make the glass go through. At the exact time you slam the napkin into the table drop the glass onto the floor off your lap. WARNING: Use a plastic glass if you decide to perform the second effect!


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Dec 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

This is the first trick that I ever performed and I still perform it. It's a great one.

Oct 21, 2011
by: midget

how are you ament to get the glass from under the napkin and into your lap and get the napkin to stay the same shape after???

Apr 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

This trick was up in the "magic" iPhone app for $4.99!! Thanked for reaveling!!!

Jul 08, 2010
Um....something wrong...
by: Johanz

The sentence "edge of the table and let the glass secretly fall into your lap." is wrong.Will you ever want to fall your precious glass to your lap,then slides down and break?So wrong,but still cool.

Jun 30, 2010
Pretty nice!
by: The Gamer

i knew this trick before but i still like it.This is one of my top ten tricks to do,besides the card to hankerchief trick.~The Gamer/The Ex-Riddler

Aug 08, 2008
chep skate
by: bongoo

i saw that trick revealed on a shorts magic tricksrevealed on disney channel a long time ago

May 17, 2008
by: Anonymous

Another one of the first tricks I ever learned. It is a very cool effect!

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