How much I have learned from your Fantastic site.

by Charlie Williams
(Mishawaka, IN, U.S.A)

Me in Nashville a year ago

Me in Nashville a year ago

Hi Simon,
My dad signed me up for your magic a couple of weeks ago and I just love it. I go on your site every day. These are a few of the tricks I learned over just a few weeks. First of all I learned the crunching can trick. It took long to learn but when I got it I showed my family it and they loved it. The hardest part for me was keeping my finger on the hole hard enough to keep it from making noises. I also took your advice on getting my own linking rings. I bought a pair for only three dollars at an icecream shop. I watched your video on it and learned it on only my 5th try. Next I learned your trick on cutting a dollar bill in half. It took awhile to learn and awhile to set it up but when I showed to my family it was totally awesome. Finally I am working on the rising card trick. I haven't quite got it yet but I am getting there. I would like to thank you very much for all the free magic you give me I really enjoy it. I would really like to win this because my parents never let me buy magic stuff online. I am the one wearing the green cubs hat.

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