You want to learn how to do magic tricks right? Well Coin Tear is a pretty cool one to get you started!


THE EFFECT: Borrow a 50 pence piece (or equivalent) from a spectator and give out a small piece of folded cardboard for examination.

The cardboard is unprepared in any way apart for some magical stars for decoration.

You take the cardboard and fold it into a packet then place the coin inside. Spectators see it go right in and it does.

You immediately tear up the packet into tiny little pieces letting them flutter to the floor. The coin is no where to be seen and has totally vanished. Watch the illusion below then learn how to do magic tricks!

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THE SECRET: How to do magic tricks like David Blaine? Read on...
There is a pretty cool secret to this effect. The coin placed into the cardboard packet is actually fake. It is in fact aluminium foil. First take a 50 pence piece or similar large silver coin and a small square of aluminium foil just bigger than the coin.

Learn How to do Magic Tricks

Press the coin into the aluminium foil with your fingers making sure you pick out all the detail from the coin into the aluminium foil. (pic 1) press the foil round the edges too and onto the back of the coin slightly.

Once you are happy with the impression you have made use a scalpel knife or Exacto blade to trim the overlapping edges off the back of the coin. This is so you can carefully remove the original coin and be left with an aluminium foil replica! You must be very gentle with this shell or you will bend it out of shape.

This replica or fake coin looks very convincing from a distance. If you casually perform the trick as you would with a normal coin no one will suspect a thing!

You also need to make the small folded coin pouch out of paper or thin card. A simple template for this can be downloaded HERE if you wish.

Learn How to do Magic Tricks

You need the paper or card to be black then you can add decoration to the front and back with some aluminium foil. Add stars, moons or any other magical shape (pic 2).

Try to glue the decoration to the paper or card with stick glue. I have found that double sided sticky tape does not tear very well.

There is a very important reason for this decoration. When you rip up the cardboard into tiny pieces the fake shell coin will also rip up and mix with the tiny decoration pieces.

Spectators will have no idea that some of the silver pieces are actually the 'coin' they saw a few moments earlier!

THE METHOD: This is a really easy illusion to do and is best suited as a quick trick. Maybe for table hopping, pub or bar magic.

If you are a beginner and just learning magic simply perform the trick as I do in the video. If you are more experienced however you could always borrow a coin from a spectator then switch it for the fake coin. This does tend to make the effect appear more spectacular. As any trick does with borrowed items.

A coin switch can easily be made while the spectator is examining the cardboard packet. Once you have vanished the coin produce the spectators coin from you pocket or behind their ear etc.

If your spectator looks through the torn up bits they will find no trace of the coin. Any silver pieces they see, they will assume subconsciously it's the decoration (without you having to actually say so).

This is such a cool looking trick because a second ago the spectators see the coin then it totally vanishes!

TIP: Obtain the largest silver coin you can. This way you get a much better imprint produced on the aluminium foil.

TIP: The aluminium foil has a shiny side and a matt side, use the matt side to create the fake coin. It looks much more realistic.

TIP: If anyone asks you how to do magic tricks don't tell them, keep the secrets between you and me! :-) Here is another easy way to appear to rip a coin to pieces...

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