How to guess 2 cards that come out randomly from the deck.

by Pedro Enrique Escobedo Ávalos
(San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, México)

Effect: The magician tells someone to calculate a quarter of the deck and turn it over on top of the deck. The he asks to do it again but this time he needs to calculate the half of the deck. The magician asks the person if he could turn over the first two face-down cards. He does what he is told. The cards are, for examle: Red A and Black 3. The magician then asks the person if he can shuffle the up-side cards (including the two shown cards) and put the shuffled part of the deck in the middle of the other part of the deck (which was face-down) Then the magician takes the deck. He throws the deck quickly to the other hand, but, two cards still remain on the other hand. And he shows it to the audience that the cards are: (In this case) Red A and Black 3.

Secret: First of all. The deck needs to be ready before the trick is shown. Find (in this case) the two red "A"s and the two black 3s. Put one red A on the bottom of the deck, then put the other three cards on top at this order: Black 3, Red A, Black 3. Then you can show this trick to the audience: Ask someone to take a quarter of the deck and turn it over, same thing with the half, blah blah... you just read the effect so you might know what to do. Now, When you go to the part of getting the first two face-down cards it will be ovbiously a Red A and a Black 3. Then tell the guy to shuffle the You-know-what part of the deck including the 2 shown cards and put that in the middle of the other part of the deck. Now put your finger thunb on top of the deck and the rest of the fingers below the deck. try to stick your fingers with the top card and the bottom card. Now just toss the deck to the other hand but try not to throw the first and bottom cards. The will be Obviously a Red A and a Black 3.

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