How's Bout Some Popcoin?

by Davis
(Carlinville, IL, USA)

THE EFFECT: The magician holds out a popcorn box and shows that it has no bottom and his hands are empty. Spectators can even put there hand through the box. The magician (with a little magic) tips coins out of the box and hands them around for examination.

THE SECRET: Get a box of popcorn from say the movies, eat all the popcorn (or pitch it) and cut out the bottom. Next get a piece of posterboard or thick paper (must be white) and cut a strip to the size of the inside of the box (narrow side).

Glue it in there on the sides and bottom but leave the top open. Put some coins in there beforehand. Now show the box off and let someone stick their hand down through it.

All the time cover the secret opening with your hand. Now wave your hand or wand over the box and then in a swift motion, tip out the coins exclaiming "Anyone for popcoin?".

TIP: Do this trick at the cinema and make it fun, put enough money in the box for someone to get popcorn with! =P

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Feb 15, 2009
They would see
by: Anonymous

My instant reaction was that the spectators would see the opening were the coins go.

Jan 16, 2009
Understanding the Mis-understanding
by: Anonymous

I Believe whats happening is, ...if you know the tall skinny popcorn boxes when the bottom is skinnier than the top... well cut the bottom out making it see thru....NOTE: the bottom is see thru the entire time... on ONE of the "INSIDE" sides create a pocket.. put the change in the pocket "ONE CANNOT place alot of change in due to it bulging and making the inside pocket visual or just put dollar coins in, let them see thru the box wave your magic wand over the box, tilt the box like one was pouring popcorn into another persons hand and PRESTO change "O" coins comes falling out of the "hidden pocket" and into there hand....

Thats my interpretation of what i BELIEVE they are trying to be explained here and thats what im sticking to. If im wrong, EHHH O-well maybe they will post a vid up.


Sep 02, 2008
by: Michal

I understand. It means that when the spectator touches the bottom, it is a bottom but its not the real bottom hence coins can go through the bottom. Well, i don't think this will help

Aug 10, 2008
by: Anonymous

i agree it needs a video

Jul 04, 2008
by: juanchomago

I don't understand anything, please make a video with the effect and the explanation. thank you

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