ice ice baby

by Alex Horan

you will need:
a cup/glass that you cant see through
a couple of ice cubes
a little bit (inch)of water
a dry sponge/cloth

the secret:
before the trick prepare the cup by putting the sponge/cloth into the cup then put the ice cubes on top
now you are ready
next explain to your audience that you have such cold breath that you can make water freeze
then pour the bit of water into the cup blow on it and move your hands over it. Then slightly tip it(so that the sponge/cloth dosnt fall out!)and the water would have soaked into the sponge and the ice cubes fallen out to give the illusion that you have frozen the water! this trick needs a little practice so you dont tip out the sponge/cloth but its awesome when you see the audience's reaction!!!

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