Impossible Card Mixing

by Kolton
(Bonifay, Florida, United States)


You show your spectators a pack of ten cards. You then explain how that you have the special ability to predict the future and how your spectator will mix the cards.

You can go through the pack of cards laying them down one at a time until your spectator is content that they are well mixed. You then give the pack a wave, snap, etc and all the cards are in order from Ace to 10.

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1. Take ten cards, ace to ten, and arrange them in numerical order. Turn the cards face-down and say you are going to deal the cards onto the table.

2. You deal one card at a time unless the spectator says "switch". When that happens, take the card you are about to deal, place it under the next card, and put both cards down together.

3. Continue to deal through the packet like this (as many times as you want) dealing one card at a time except when the spectator calls out "switch" -- which can be at anytime.

4. When all ten cards are on the table, pick them up give your magic wave, snap, etc and turn them over. Spread them out on the table and they are in order from Ace to 10.

This sounds very simple, and it is, but is very effective.

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