Impossible mind reading (for beginners)

by David
(America, San Diego)

Effect: the spectator picks any card out of the shuffled deck of cards. Then, the spectator places the card in where they want to place. You look at him/her and slowly start to tell the color, number or face card, then diamonds/spades/clovers/clubs, then say the whole card!!!

Secret: When the spectator places the card in the deck, secretly place a pinky break on it. Tell them that I have no idea where or what the card is. Then break the deck (on the pinky break) and secretly take a look at the card when you shuffle the deck to prove that it is well mixed up.

Tip: Do not let the spectator see the bottom card(their chosen card) when you break the deck.

Slowly pretend to look at the spectators mind, then describe their card.

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