Impossible prediction

by Abel Sunny
(United Kingdom)

The effect:
The magician writes down a prediction and folds it and puts it on the table and asks the spectator to put their hand on top of it. Then the magician puts 3 objects on the table (a rubber,a pencil and a ruler).
The magician asks the spectator to touch one of the objects. The spectator touches the rubber and the magician asks her to open up the prediction and read what it says. The specator opens up the prediction and it says "RUBBER"!

The tutorial:
Its something called the magicians choice, it means the magician has to force the spectator to choose the rubber. What if they dont? If they choose the pencil instead, say ok and put the pencil away. Then ask them to touch another object and if they touch the ruler next, say you will put that away and we are now left with the rubber. Ask them to open the prediction and they will be startled when they see that the prediction says rubber.But what if they dont choose the ruler 2nd. If they choose the rubber 2nd say that we will keep it and we will put the ruler away and ask them to read the prediction.

TIP: put the rubber in the middle because they are more likely to choose the object in the middle.

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