Into the mind

by The smokescreen Magician
(Florida, U.S.A)

Like many magicians, mentalisim is an important part in their Criss Angel, (My childhood hero.)he uses tricks of the mind.... which is exactly what this trick is all about.

Effect: You make someone feel they are feeling the sensation of flying or warmth in their chest.

Secret: you want the person to be completely relaxed and believe something will happen.

step 1: ask the person if they would like to feel like they are floating or a warmth in their chest.(They both are the same, but the effects are different.)

step 2: Ask the person if they want this to happen.(If they don't believe this will happen, it won't work!!)

step 3: Ask them to think about a person,place, or thing that makes them happy. (this gets their brain going!)

step 4: when you get to the effect, make your voice very clear and say very slowly,"when I snap my fingers, you will feel_________________. one, two, three!" and snap your fingers near their ear. A great effect I invented that is the ice- breaker to any occasion!


The smokescreen Magician

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