Jasper the Orange

A spectator chooses a card and rips it up into four pieces. He then gives three of these pieces to the magician and keeps one as a recipt. The magician then opens up an orange and the spectators card is rolled up inside with one corner missing. The spectators recipt fits the mising corner of the card in the orange.

Two identical packs of playing cards.
An orange.

Before the show rip off a corner of a card and keep it in your pocket. Roll up the remainder of the card and put it inside the orange. Close up the orange so it looks like its never been opened.For this trick you have to use a card force to get the spectator to pick the card that you want.

Once you have mastered the card force, you are ready to perform the trick.

Get the other set of identicle playing cards and find the card which you put in the orange. Now you need to force this card to the spectator. Tell him to rip up the card into four pices and while he is doing this hide the corner that you ripped off the duplicate card in your hand. Take back all four pieces of the card that the spectator ripped up and secretly give him back the corner that you ripped off earlier as his recipt. The spectator should think that this was one of the corners of the card that the ripped up.
Hide the four other corners in your pocket. Explain to your spectator that you have an orange who eats cards. Cut down the middle of the orange that you prepared earlier and give the card inside to the spectator, this will be their card and the corner that they have will fill in the corner that is missing!

Make sure that the orange looks like its never been opened.


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