Joker's Spell

by Troy Club Guy
(Fullerton, CA)

THE EFFECT: A regular Joker is shown to the spectator on the bottom of the deck. As the spectator holds the Joker a mysterious message appears on it!

THE SECRET: You actually have a Joker and a half on the bottom. Get two identical Jokers and cut one of them in half. Put both on the bottom of the deck with a thick rubber band around the middle to cover the cut in the card.

But how does the writing get on? Before you put the cards on the bottom of the deck, the half of the full card that will be covered needs to have your secret message on it in advance.

You show the spectators the bottom of the deck, so they only see the exposed full card as well as the half of card. After you show that, let them know that the Joker has a keen mind for picking up messages. Turn over the deck so the Jokers are facing the floor. Then you slide out the message Joker leaving the cut one in the deck. Have the spectator hold it face down in their palm.

Ask them if they feel the letters being written. Have them turn over the card and sure enough, a message is there!

TIP: If you know your target, the message could include their name! This trick would make a great reveal for example force a card on a spectator then reveal it with this Joker trick!

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Jun 13, 2009
An Alternative
by: Mr Misterious

Do the same thing with business cards - Yuo can give an appropriate message to a customer, girlfriend etc.

Dec 30, 2008
Pretty good
by: Kurt

This trick sounds like it would do well! The only thing is my mind always drifts off halfway through a set of instructions and I ended up with a different method!

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