Magic Joker

by Anthony

THE EFFECT: Holding a pack of cards you ask a spectator to pick a random number from 4-53 (54 if you have both jokers). You state that whatever number they choose there will be a joker at that exact location in the deck. They pick a number and you deal off the same number of cards.

You look at the card the spectators number lands on and see it's not a joker. You say "oh my mistake, you have to do it!" You put the pile back on top and they deal the same number they picked.
At their exact number is a joker! Amazing.

THE SECRET: This is a great trick for beginners. All you really have to do is make sure the joker is on top of the pack.
The rest is presentation.

After you deal the number they chose, you say "my mistake, you have to do it". Placing the dealt cards back on top of the deck. Since you dealt the cards with the joker on top, it is now set at exactly the spectators number.

All you have to do is let the spectator deal the cards and they will discover the joker exactly at their number. Simple, easy and you still get a great reaction!


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Mar 10, 2009
simple but effective
by: Joker of clubs

i like this trick. maybe because its my name, or maybe it's because the trick is so simple yet SO effective. nice job

Sep 12, 2008
For Beginners
by: Debayan

A beginner's trick. I used to do this. Hope you didn't steal it from

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