Magic Lipstick

by Criss
(Las Vegas)

this is a simple trick, take a tube of lipstick (preferably dark) and get a random spectator to place their hands out flat (palms down). u take 1 hand of theirs, put it into a fist, and ask them to rub the lipstick on your hand above theirs. after you rub it into your skin, u tell them it has magicaly passed thru your hand, u turn your hand over to show its gone, they turn their hand over, open it, and the lipstick mark is "magicaly" on their hand.

SECRET: this works every time, the spectator can be random, all u need to do before the trick, is simply make a dark mark with the lipstick, on your index finger. when u tell them to put their hands flat, u "put their hands in place" by touching their palm with your marked finger. they r now marked, and the rest is just presentation. (follow the above directions) this is a Criss Angel original, it works, see the video before attempting to see how its done.

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