Magical indatcator

Effect: A spectator selects a card and puts it back. Then the magican spreads the cards out and a card is reversed, but it's not the spectators card. Then the magican counts 8 cards to the left and that is the spectators card!

Secret: Before you do the trick reverse any 8 card in the deck and put it 8 cards from the bottom of the deck.

Spread the cards out but don't reveal the reversed one. Have a spectator select a card. take all the cards above where the spectors card was and put them in your right hand. Have the spectator put the card put back on the cards in your right hand. take the rest of the cards and put them on top of the cards in your right hand.

Next just spread the cards out and reveal the reversed card. The spectator will immediately say that it's not their card. Act confused on why the trick didn't work. but then say you'll try something. coun't 8 cards to the left and reveal their card.

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