by Ben
(San Jose, California, U.S. of A)

A magician shows some spectators the top and bottom cards of a deck of playing cards. The magician takes the top card and places it in a random spot in the deck. The magician then takes the bottom card, and does the same thing. After a few shuffles, he looks through the deck. The two cards are found RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.
This trick is VERY simple and is a great trick for beginners. What you do is just this: Take the top card (your male card), and place it in the deck anywhere, being careful to leave the card sticking out on your end of the deck, so as to mark the place in the deck where you have placed your male card. Then take the bottom card (your female card) and place it ON TOP of your male card. Then just shuffle, taking care to keep the two cards close to each other. The end result: a match made in heaven.

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