U have 5 matchboxes and 5 pennies, each matchbox gets a penny. You mark/initial one penny with a sharpie marker. Close all the boxes and have them mix all the boxes around WHILE YOUR BACK IS TURNED.

One by one you shake each box and then mentally make your decision. You open the box and sure enough IT'S THE SIGNED PENNY.

Works everytime, instant reset, easy to do, 3 differnt ways to find the penny.

Secret-you will need a magnet and a magnetic coin. I use pennies as most people rarely suspect they are magnetic. (ALL NEW CANADIAN COINS ARE MAGNETIC). If you can't get a hold of a Canadian pennies, you are going to have to use a magnetic shell coin.

You only need 1 coin to be magnetic, the rest of the coins are regular.

METHOD ONE-place your magnet underneath your table cloth or hankercheif.

METHOD TWO-use a PK ring to detect your penny

METHOD THREE-use a tiny magnet fragment.

Basically you shake each box as you pass it over/near your magnetic source. You will sense the magentic attraction. With method three, the tiny magnet fragment will cling to the box and U will notice it has attached to one of the boxes.

Once you discover the correct box, pause, hesitate, and think for a moment for dramatic effect. Then open up the box to display you were right.

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