This is one of the easiest money magic tricks to get started with. It also has a few moves that are worth practicing to enhance the rest of your tricks!

  The performer picks up a coin from the table. With three taps to the bottom of a glass, the coin magically penetrates inside the glass!

Very easy to do

Perform anywhere

Pass around all items for inspection afterward

No gimmick required!


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 To make this trick work, you’ll need two identical coins. (Pic 1) Before the performance, secretly palm one of the coins in your hand. (Pic 2)

money magic tricksPic 1
money magic tricksPic 2

The hand that is palming the coin will also be used to hold the glass from above, and the coin will be fully concealed. (Pic 3)

With your free hand, slide the coin that is on the table towards you, as if you are picking it up. (Pic 4) But secretly drop the coin off the edge of the table and into your lap instead!

money magic tricksPic 3
money magic tricksPic 4

It’s important to still position your free hand as if you are actually holding the coin. (Pic 5) Remember If you believe and act as if the coin is still in your hand then your spectators will not suspect a thing. Conviction at this stage is key!

Pretend to tap the coin against the bottom of the glass a few times, keeping your hand posed in such a way that it still looks like you have a coin. (Pic 6) If you are wearing a ring you can use that to clink on the bottom of the glass to sound like the coin.

money magic tricksPic 5
money magic tricksPic 6

On the third tap, loosen the muscles in your hand that is palming the coin, and let it drop down into the glass. (Pic 7)

Shake the coin inside the glass a bit, then pour it into your hand to prove that it was definitely sitting inside the glass! (Pic 8) Feel free to pass out the coin and glass for inspection. There is nothing to find!

money magic tricksPic 7
money magic tricksPic 8


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