Pencil Penetration

by Asad

THE EFFECT: Learn how to penetrate a pen or pencil right through a note without ripping it! Watch the performance below...

THE SECRET: Now learn how to do it by watching the reveal video...

Borrow a bill and a pen or pencil from the spectator. Fold the bill in half but as you are folding it secretly make another fold Just like in the video above. You will have to perfect the move so spectators do not suspect anything.

Now grab the note with your fingers and with your index finger open the bill so it become like a 'V' as shown in the video. Now take the pencil or pen and pretend that your are inserting it in to the big crease but in fact your are inserting it into that secret little fold.

Remember that when you are inserting the pen or pencil move the bill slightly towards you so the spectator can't see that you are inserting it in the secret fold. Grab the bill from above and show both sides, give it a short spin. Do not do it too slowly or the spectator might see the secret fold.

Now while grabbing the bill from above slowly move the pencil down, it will give the illusion that the pencil is penetrating through the bill. Finish the effect by removing the creases in the bill and hand it out for total inspection.

TIPS: Always use a crisp bill. I used a stick because it is thin and gives a better view on camera but you can use whatever you want eg. pen, pencil etc. When pulling the pencil through the bill slightly move the secret fold part up to yourself so when it's unfolding spectators won't see it. Practice your angles in front of a mirror and have fun with it!

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Mar 25, 2011
i want to learn it!
by: Deha

i want to learn it!

Oct 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Why was the secret video removed? I was looking forward to learning this trick.

Nov 06, 2009
by: Komisar

WOW amaizing trick!! im already runing to show my friends :)

Oct 17, 2009
Well done
by: Chris

There are several methods of doing achieving exactly this effect, and are sold for quite a high price. This is just as effective as any other when well done, as your video shows. It is also one of the easiest to perform. Thank you for revealing your method.

Sep 12, 2009
i liked it
by: charles

i liked it but in useing a pencil or pen wont the secret fold hav to b bigger and therefore there must b a limit on the size of item used.

May 11, 2009
very good
by: Aurk

very good trick.Thanks!!

Nov 09, 2008
by: Asad

Thx for commenting that you don't like it. Remember one thing if you think that by learning small tricks disgraces your magic then my friend you are not sincere with your magic, because some times small ideas create big ideas!

Nov 07, 2008
by: jj

I did not like it at all!

Nov 04, 2008
Very Good
by: John C

This is a very good effect with a real good outcome if done slowly, which makes it very easy.

Nov 04, 2008
Thanks Asad!
by: Simon

Very nice trick Asad and clear performance instructions, thanks for sharing! :-)

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