Pencil vanish

Effect-the magician holds a pencil at both ends, clicks his fingers and the pencil dissapears. he repeats the action and the pencil reappears.

-No sleeves required
-start and end clean
-use any pencil
-no gimmicks

The secret-the pencil goes flat against the magician's right arm. To achieve this hold the pencil firmly between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, and use your middle finger to apply pressure and push it round. It should pivot around between you thumb and forefinger.
However if you only do this it will be too slow, so with your left hand prevent the pencil from flicking round when you apply pressure. When you release your the pencil from your left hand it will flick quickly round behind your hand. remember the left hand dosn't need to move much. All it does is let go of the pencil!
To bring it back, flick it back with your pinkie and ring finger, and catch it back in your left hand

-try jerking your hands SLIGHTLY when you make the pencil appear and disappear.(you will need to jerk more when you make the pen appear.)
-as you make it disappear, turn your hands down to hide the pencil.
-practice in front of a mirror!(the pencil may go flying the first few times!)And after you get it right once keep practicing. you need to be able to do it without thinking about it.
-perform straight on with your arms pointing inwards slightly.

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