EFFECT: You present a decK of cards in box UN-OPENED AND SEALED. YOU show a little envelope with the words "MY PREDICTION".

Ask THEM to open the box & pull the cards out. Ask THEM to shuffle the cards really well. Tell THEM to cut the deck a few times, then to cut the deck into two piles.

Ask THEM to select a pile, then instruct THEM to deal a few cards facedown and stop WHEN EVER THEY like.

You inform them YOUR prediction envelope has been in view the entire time. You then place the envelope on top of thier pile. THEY open the SEALED envelope to reveal exactly which card THEY stopped on.

THEY turn over the card and sure enough, it MATCHES YOUR prediction.

PROPS:CARDS, ENVELOPE, one sticky note or piece of paper, sharpie, pen for writing your prediction.

SECRET: If using a new un-opened deck of cards, you will need a duplicate card, If using a regular used, already opened deck, you will need to take any card out (IN PRIVATE) and hide it behind your envelope.

-write your "prediction" (card you pre-selected and hid behind envelope) and seal the envelope. I use a little card stand I got from the dollar store but you can just lay it flat on a table. Keeping it in plain view the entire time. The envelope should be larger than the card to hide it and on your side out of their reach but not their view.

After the spectator does the card shuffles/cuts/choices, simply place your envelope on top of their pile. Make sure to arrange the hidden card the opposite way so it ends up face down on top of the pile.

Add some appropriate pauses, mentalism patter, remind them, YOU did not handle the cards and your prediction was in plain sight the entire time.

The prediction and card rock!!

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