by Misteor

THE EFFECT: The magician asks a spectator to pick a card and memorize it. The spectator returns the card into the middle of the deck. The magician puts the deck behind their back and exclaims "I will try and find your selected card!" After a few seconds the magician exclaims "Is this your card" showing the spectator a card. The spectator says NO!

Looking rather embarrassed the magicians says "OK let me try a different way!" He snaps his fingers and spreads the cards face down onto the table. The spectators card is the only one face up!

Things you need to do this trick:

A deck of cards
A table

PREPARATION: First you need to flip over the bottom card of the deck then you are good to go.

THE SECRET: Fan the cards to the spectator so they can pick a card. WARNING: Don't show the last card! When they take the card tell them not to show you and ask them to memorize it,

While they are memorizing the card act fast and flip the deck over. You can do this easily and unnoticed while pretending to square up the deck. Holding the deck completely square get them to place their card in the middle of the deck somewhere.

Now tell the spectator that you will find their card behind your back. When the cards are behind your back you need to secretly flip over the bottom card again. Act as though you have got the card wrong - this makes the spectator feel smug.

Bring the cards back into view, give a magical snap then spread the cards onto the table showing that the spectators card is the only face up card in the deck!


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Jun 14, 2010
by: 2 a spades

Loved the trick! Just tried it and they really thought it was magic. They felt sorry for me when I got it wrong first time. With a bit of showmanship, misdirection and not giving anything away you can pull it off!

Mar 17, 2009
not bad
by: joker of clubes

I like the trick. pretty simple though.....

Dec 12, 2008
by: Anonymous

cool trick

Sep 11, 2008
good one
by: Debayan

Good trick for any beginner to do.

May 20, 2008
A beginners trick
by: Johangeist

This is very good for a beginner to do...

May 14, 2008
by: Siki

Hey people, do you steal the tricks from

May 14, 2008
Nice trick!
by: Simon

This is a simple trick but looks impressive. Thanks for sharing!

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