Ripped and Restored

by Michael Mullen

Effect: The effect of this trick is when you rip a napkin in front of the spectators, and when you some sort of a magic wave you open it back up and its restored all backtogether.

Explanation: This trick is pretty easy. First you need two napkins/paper. Before the trick,you take one and crumble it up in your hand and keep it in your hand were the spectator can't see it. You take the second one and say, "Watch this magic trick,"and you start ripping it up in like four peices. Once your done ripping it, grap your "magic wand" (which could be anything like a pen, keys, and etc.) from you back pocket and when your doing that,put the ripped pieces inside your pocket and grab out the "magic wand." and say something like," when i wave the "magic wand" over this napkin/paper it'll be restored." Then put the "magic wand" away. Then uncruble it slowly and the spectators are astonished, and you can hand it out for examination.

P.S.- Hold the untorn paper in your hand tight so the spectators can't see it.

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