Roller Coaster

by Will

The Effect The spectator randomly selects a card from the magician's deck. The spectator memorizes the card, and the magician puts it back in the deck. Then the magician shakes the deck of cards, and goes through them. All the cards are face-down, except for one. Remarkably, it is the spectator's randomly selected card!!!

The Secret
Before Turn the bottom card on the deck face up, so every card is face down except for the bottom card.
During Fan the cards out in your hands, but don't show the bottom cards. When the spectator is memorizing his chosen card, secretly turn the deck over. The deck has the appearance of still being face-down, but really it is face-up (except for the bottom card, which is now on top). Take the card and shovel it anywhere into the deck (the trick works better if it is in the middle). Then shake the deck with both hands (or misdirect the spectator and turn the deck over), and while shaking, turn the deck over. Then, gives come hocus-pocus stuff, do some acting, and go through the cards one by one. The spectator's chosen card will come up face-up. But when the spectator's card comes up, don't go any further, or the spectator will see the bottom card face up.

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