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This next effect is one of my favourite elastic band tricks. I will show you how to visually remove a ring off a rubber band right under your spectator's noses.

Your spectator's will think the ring must have a gap in it, but it does not!


Carrying on from the last effect you begin with the ring on the rubber band, between your two pinky fingers.

You need to change your grip keeping the ring on the band so that the band is now around your thumb and pointer finger (pic 1). Clearly show the ring on the band by pulling on the ring, stretch the rubber band a few times.

cool rubber band tricks

On the last stretch bring your fingers and thumb together, take this opportunity to slip your middle finger under the band and remove your pointer finger (pic 2).

Move your pointer finger over towards your thumb. Take the rubber band onto your pointer finger and release your middle finger letting the band flick round (pic 3). Done at speed it will look like the ring has magically penetrated off the band (pic 4).

RING ON BAND (ONE SIDE): The next effect in the mini routine is the ring penetrating just one side of the band. This is really easy to do. Simply place the ring inside the band and pinch the band on the outside of the ring with your thumb and pointer finger (pic 5).

This move must be done at speed so it is not noticed. To appear to move the ring up and down the band, all you are actually doing is stretching the band back and forth (pic 6). When you are ready to make the ring penetrate back off the rubber band simply let go of the band.

RING TRAVELING UP BAND: The last of the rubber band tricks in the routine is perhaps the easiest to perform. Place the ring on the rubber band then hold both ends with your pointer finger and thumbs. Really stretch the rubber band and hide the slack in your fist (pic 7).

Tilt the band slightly then begin to slowly and secretly let the slack out from your fist. The band will slowly unstretch making it look like the ring is traveling up the band (pic 8). The ring in fact is not moving at all, it's actually the rubber band which is moving acting like an escalator moving the ring along and up!

BONUS - CRAZY MAN'S HANDCUFFS: Here is another cool rubber band trick that uses the same principle as the Ring off Rubber Band above however this uses two rubber bands. Watch and learn it below...

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