Sandwich Secrets

by Eddie Green
(Palm Coast, FL)

THE EFFECT: Taking an ordinary and ungimmicked bread roll off the table, you break it open to find a coin inside!

THE SECRET: Hold the coin in your right hand at the base of your middle two fingers. Keep all your fingers curled slightly in a natural looking position.

With your left hand, pick up the bread roll with your thumb on top and fingers underneath. Bring your two hands together, placing the roll on top of the coin and letting it slip down to your fingertips.

Break open the roll and push the coin up. (Don't break the roll open from underneath... open it from the top) Push the coin upwards and it will create the illusion that the coin has been sitting inside the roll. Once the coin falls out or someone removes it, break the roll in half to get rid of any evidence.

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Sep 13, 2008
by: Anonymous

thanks for sharing
going 2 try it soon !

May 25, 2008
Great Effect!
by: Simon

This is a really good quick trick. This effect works really well if you vanish a coin first, then reveal it in the bread roll. Learn how to easily vanish a coin HERE.

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