Six shooter

Place the four sixes on top of your deck of cards before you do this trick. You also need a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.

Remove the four top cards from the top of your deck of cards (These are the four sixes you put there already) and lay these cards face down in a pile in front of the audience. Then remove six cards from the deck and place these cards in a separate pile.

Tell the spectator that you read minds and tell them which pile they will choose. Write "You picked the six pile" on your piece of paper and fold it and put it right alongside the cards. Tell the spectator to choose one of the piles and then read the paper. No matter which pile is chosen the note is true. One pile contains the four sixes and the other pile contains six cards. After the trick is finished put both piles on top of the deck. Do not let them see both piles of cards.

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