Skittle Prediction

by Pretender
(New York NY)

THE EFFECT: The magician is able to predict exactly what color skittle a spectator will pick from a cup containing all colours. Amazing, but how?

THE SECRET: You will need a large TT, (TT stands for Thumb Tip) a pack of skittles and a coffee cup. You will also need a written prediction.

Start by separating the colors of skittles and choose say the yellow as your force color. Take all but one of that color and place it into the coffee cup. Also place your TT in the cup standing up. You may want to use a little magicians wax to keep it from falling. Now write your prediction on a business card and seal it in an envelope. Cover the top of the cup with your prediction and your ready to begin.

Have the cup on the table and bring out the remaining skittles in the opened bag. Dump the skittles out and say "We have many colors of candy here. I will place one of each color in this cup". Start placing the candies in the cup but really into the TT. After your done put your fingers in to "mix" the candies but steal the tip on your thumb in the process.

Now all that's left to do is to let the spectator choose one from the cup. Be sure to lift the cup high enough so that it's out of sight of the spectator. In other words don't let them see inside the cup. They will only be able to pick out your force colour and so your prediction will be correct!

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May 10, 2009
by: KLeASHi

can you post a video? if you can. THANK`S! LUV IT!

Apr 07, 2009
by: Simon

Very cool trick and nice use of a thumb tip. I like it a lot!

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