Spectator Cuts the Aces

The Effect: A spectator cut a deck into 4 piles. Then takes 3 cards from the top of one pile and puts them on the bottom. Then deals one card onto the top of the other piles. Then does the same thing again with the rest of the piles. Then the spectator flips over the top card on each pile to reaveal 4 Aces.

Preparation: put all four aces on the top of the deck.

The Secret: Have a spectator cut the deck about half way to make 2 packets. Never loose track of the packet that has 4 aces on top. Have them choose one of the packets and cut about half of that on to the table. Make sure they always put it in a place so the packet with 4 aces is always on one of the ends. have them cut the last packet about half way. Now you should have 4 packets with one of them having 4 aces on top and on one of the ends.

Now have them pick up the packet on the opposite end of the one with aces on top and tell them to take 3 cards off the top and put them on the bottom. Then tell them to deal one card onto the top of each packet them put the packet back. do the exact same thing with all of the other packets.

After they have done this explain that the probability of the top cards on each packet being aces is almost impossible. Have the spectator flip over the first card. It should be and ace. keep talking about the probability of all of them being aces before you flip over each card. Have them flip over all the cards to reaveal that the top cards are all aces.

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