spoon bending trick

by aleq
(tandag city)

effect:you take an ordinary spoon and gives it to the spectator to analyze the spoon. when their done, you bend the spoon to its rim. with a magic blow you show that it has returned to normal

secret:im not gonna tell ya(just kidding).

what you actually need is a coin. while you gave the spoon to the spectator, you secretly get a silver (or any coin that matches thew color of the spoon) coin in your pocket. then, when their done analyzing, cup both of your hands to hide the handle of the spoon, revealing only the tip of the coin. then act like you are bending the spoon with your power, blow the spoon and reveal that it is not bent. then when your done give the spoon to the spectator with their amazement while you ditch te coin in your pocket

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