These street magic tricks are super simple, and will amaze no matter the setting! Setup is easy and these timeless tricks will be a great addition to your act! Two quick tricks today. Glass Through Table and Dissolving Metal Washer!

  First a glass is slammed right through a solid table then the performer drops a metal washer into a glass of water and It's revealed that the washer has disappeared/dissolved completely!

 Easy difficulty level

Awesome effect

Perform Anywhere

Great for table hopping


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Up first Dissolving Washer - For this trick, you’ll need a clear plastic disk that you’ll keep hidden. (Pic 1)  find something at your local hardware store or cut from thick plastic.

Keep it palmed in your left hand while you hold the washer casually. (Pic 2)

street magic tricksPic 1
street magic tricksPic 2

You can see the same hand that holds the washer is also palming the plastic disk. (Pic 3)

When you go to cover your hand with the paper towel, secretly swap the positions of the plastic disk and the washer. (Pic 4)

street magic tricksPic 3
street magic tricksPic 4

The plastic disk is now held under the paper towel. Your audience thinks this is the washer! Be sure not to give away the fact that the washer is actually hidden back in your left hand. (Pic 5)

While attention is on your hand holding the paper towel, casually ditch the washer into your lap. (Pic 6)

street magic tricksPic 5
street magic tricksPic 6

Continue as usual, and drop the plastic disk into the cup of water while the paper towel covers the sides. Your audience will hear something falling into the glass. (Pic 7) To give the trick a better effect let your spectator hold and drop the disc themselves!

street magic tricksPic 7

As you show the glass empty, it will really just be because the clear disk is nearly impossible to see while it’s underwater! You can even empty the glass of water as the disc will safely stick to the bottom of the glass.


street magic tricksPic 8

To pull off this trick, make sure when you cover the glass, it is fully concealed by the paper towel, and the paper towel is pressed around the glass well so it will take it's shape. This will help your illusion. (Pic 8)

You want to get the audience focus on the coin. In fact you tell them that you are going to make the coin go through the table. This provides perfect misdirection. After tapping the glass on the coin each time, casually bring the glass off the edge of the table.

After you have done this a few times, the audience will be used to the motion. Do it once more, and this time secretly release your grip a little and drop the glass into your lap. Be careful not to squeeze the empty paper towel too hard, as it still needs to retain the shape of the glass!

Immediately slam the paper towel into the table to show the glass has gone through the table not the coin! Reach under the table and bring the glass back.

Two impressive but simple street magic tricks to add to your bag of effects ;)

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