The 3 Cards

by Chris

Effect: You lay all the cards down and say which cards your going to pick up and you pick up the right cards.

Method:Let someone shuffle the deck for you and when you get the deck back glance at the bottom card remember it.lay down all the cards (remember where you put the card you looked at which will be the last card you put down)and say I am going to pick up eg. the Ace of Spades but instead you pick up a random card don't let them see what that card is. look at the card you just picked up it could be any card lets say it's the 7 of Hearts then you say I am going to pick up the seven of hearts. Again pick up a random card ( don't let them see what it is)this time lets say it's the 4 of Diamonds. say I am going to pick up the 4 of Diamonds but this time you pick up the card you glanced at (the Ace of Spades) and finally you say what where the cards I told you I was going to pick up when they say it out you put down the cards in your hand and let the audience see.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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