the biddle card

by andre kenny chong (11)
(singapore, pandan gardens blk403 #12-23)

effect: the magician asks the spectator to run their fingers down the cards and randomly pick one. he asks them to put the card back on the deck.he then shuffles all the cards to mix. and divide them into 2 piles. the magician picks one pile and turns around the top 5 cards. "if you see you card, don't tell me. i will find out!" he says. he runs through the cards an asks you whether you saw your card. spectator says yes, and the magician holds and invisible card and places it face down on the deck. he reveals that the card has vanished in the deck.

secret: no gimmicks! just a deck of cards! they choose a card, place it on top of the deck, and do all the shuffles to keep the card either on the top, or the bottom. hindu false shuffles, false cuts...and once your satisfied with it being ON THE TOP OF THE DECK, divide them into 2 piles and pick the top pile,take the top 5 cards, reversing their order, turn them around and memorise the first card you see. that should be the spectators card. while going through the cards peeling them one by one,leave their card on the bottom of the pile and continue peeling of cards. when they tell you they have seen your card, mix the order of the cards, be careful not to reveal that you only have 4 cards in you hand. say their card out and hold the invisible card toss it face up in the deck. and there their card will be, in the middle of the deck! amazing effect!

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