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The effect: You show five small decks of cards. You ask an audience member to move the decks around while you turn your back, emphasising on not to mix the cards from the decks around. Then you ask them to pick 2 decks to return to the original deck. Then you ask them to pick 2 more and flip over the top card on both. Then you start to count the cards in the original deck. Then,when you stop, you say "The remainding top card is" and then a nuumber. And it turns out your right!
The method: First you need to take a regular deck and divide it into six decks (one for you to keep)Here is the dividing method:
-Take the top card off the deck, if it is a face, tean or ace, show it to your audience and return it to the bottom of your deck. Otherwise put it on the table face up.
-Starting at the number on the first card, count up to 13 as you lay other cards from the top of the deck onto that card.
-Once you count to thirteen, take the deck and put it face down on the table. Repeat the dividing method four more times.
Now you are ready to start. Pick someone from the audience to switch the positions of the decks as you turn your head away. Emphasise on not to mix the decks together in any way. Once they are done, turn your head back and ask them to choose two decks to be removed. Take those two decks and put them on top of your deck. Then, ask them to choose another two decks to flip the top card of. For an example, lets say the two cards that turn up are 7, and 4. Now, in your head, add the two cards together (7+4=11), then add ten to that total (11+10=21). Now count the cards in the deck, remembering your number. Once you reach you number, start back at one (...18,19,20,21,1,2...). Then, once you have counted all the cards in the deck, The number you should have in your head (let's say, 5) Will be the top card of the remaining deck. You then point to that deck and say what the top card is (e.g. The top card of that deck is 5). Let the audience member flip over the card and be astonished.

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