The Dissapearing Key

by Taliesin De mestre

C:\Users\Taliesin\Pictures\key gimmick.jpg

C:\Users\Taliesin\Pictures\key gimmick.jpg

The Effect:The Magician makes a Key Disappear into thin air.

The Secret:The Secret to this amazing trick is a gimmick that takes minutes to make.

To Build this Gimmick you will need elastic and a key. What you do is take the elastic, you tie one end of the elastic to the key and the other end where your arm and shoulder join and that's the gimmick done. Make sure the elastic is cut shorter than the length of your arm but long enough to stretch to your hand so you can hold the key. You will also need to wear a long sleeve T-shirt/jacket.

Please Note: It doesn't have to be a key it can be a pen, a handkerchief or a ring.

Before you preform make sure the gimmick is on the arm you feel comfortable with. When you preform the trick turn 90 degrees to the left or right, depending upon which hand you hold it in so that the elastic is hidden from your audience. Now hold the key and gently release your grip the key will appear to vanish - but it actually springs up your sleeve. Tricky huh!!!

Tip: If your using a pen you should tie the string to the lid of the pen and glue the lid onto the pen in case only the lid vanishes.

Alternate method: You could pretend to rub the object into your hands rather than just letting go of it.

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