The Five Card Force

by Mitchell
(Manalapan, New Jersey)

You spread out 15 cards and tell a spectator to focus on one. After a few deal outs you are able to pick out there card without even looking at it

SECRET: deal out the 15 cards and tell a spectator to focus on one.then collect the card and deal, from the top into three piles in numerical order, pile, pie two, pile 3, pile 1, pile 2, pile 3,etc. do this until all the cards are dealt, I call it subconscious card counting. after dealing the cards fan out each pile 1 by 1 until and each time ask the spectator if their card is in the pile. put the pile with the spectators card in between the other two careful not to mess up the order of the cards. then repeat subconscious card counting twice more. except, when doing it for the third time do not collect the cards again during the 3rd time the spectator's card will be the middle card of the pile they point out.

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