the flipping card

by Sam the magic man coleman
(Sussex, England)

a face up card!!!!

a face up card!!!!

What you will need:
A normal deck of cards

Effect: the magician tells the spectator to take a card then to put it back in the deck face down, then the card seemingly flips over to be face up in the deck.

Secret: first tell your spectator to examine the deck of cards, and to shuffle it. Then you need to fan it out (face down) and tell the spectator to pick a card, then tell them to focus on the card, to channel all their energy etc, whilst their doing this secretly flip the bottom card in the deck over, then flip the deck over, the deck should now look like it is still face down, but in fact only the top card is faced down. Now ask your spectator to place their card faced down in the middle of the pack “like the rest of the cards...” then swiftly turn your deck over and fan out the cards to reveal the chosen card face up in a pack of face down cards!!!!!!

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