The Ghost Gum

by Cam

Effect: The Magician borrows a piece of gum chews it up the the gum visibly stretches and levitates out of his mouth. the with a click of the fingers it floats back into his mouth.

Secret: You need a Cheep gimmick for this trick- Some invisible thread. Tie one end to the middle finger of your left hand and the other end to the middle finger of your right hand. Now your ready...

Ask the spectator if the have a piece of gum. show its a normal piece of gum. Put it in your mouth and chew it a bit then cup your hands and spit it out. When you do secretly wrap the gum around the string and put the whole set up in your mouth. Keep your hand close to your mouth without looking to obvious. Then slowly stretch your arms away and let the thread stretch the gum out. the if you want it to come back just move your hand towards your mouth.

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