The Jacks Party

by Cosmo Blanchette
(ON Canada)

Step 1

Step 1

You take out all of the face cards and put them order from jack, king, queen,ace. It doesn't matter if the audience sees you do this. Tell the story of the three jacks. You can invent your own story or use. The one I use is " the four jacks had a party".put them in a four by four grid. "The jacks got invited their friends the kings". place them on top the jacks. " after a while they got bored so they invited the queens". place these on top the kings. " the party started to get loud so the cops had to come". place the aces on top of these and pick up all the packs one by one. " they got into an accident on the way there". over hand shuffle the cards as much as you want this is the crucial part of the trick. when you are done say that the cops were so good they were able to sort the people into their own groups. flip the cards over one at a time in a four by for grid just as before and there will be 4 jacks 4kings 4 queens and 4 aces separated. when you do the over hand shuffle the cards places don't really change so after you place them down they are separated.

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