the jumping jack

by malek
(Doha, Qatar)

Performance :Three cards are presented to the audience, two jacks and a non face card. the cards are clearly displayed, front and back. The magician then deals the cards on the table, face down. When the cards are turned over, the non face card has been replaced by a jack ???


This trick is done with three jacks from a normal pack of cards .

Make a gimmicked card by taking any non face card and cutting it in half with scissors. The two halves should then be stuck back together with sticky tape ( the top and bottom of the card should be touching and then taped, see video for clearer view).

The gimmicked card should be saddled over the middle jack of the three and the other two jacks placed either side of this card. You should now fan the cards vertically so that the top third of all three cards is visible

Next holding the cards together, present both the front and back of the trio, then proceed to place each card face down on the table ( this should be done with your palm facing downwards ) . The three jacks should be drawn from your hand, while the gimmicked card is secretly retained in your palm and sneaked away out of sight. the three jacks can now be turned face up to reveal three jacks to the spectators amazement.

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