The Jumping Rubber Band

by Rishabh Sharma

Effect: A classic sleight of hand trick that can be performed anytime, anywhere. The magician places a rubber band over two of his fingers. With one snap of the fingers of the other hand, the rubber band jumps visibly off the fingers on to the next two fingers.

Secret: The illustrations below will help make this elastic band trick clear to follow. You start by placing the rubber band over the first and second fingers of the left hand. Turn the hand, palm upwards and lift the rubber band up with the right hand (Fig.1).

This lifting of the rubber band is prove that it really is on the two fingers. In fact this is where the magic secret move takes place. Three things happen almost at one and the same time.

As you close all four fingers of the left hand, you place those four fingers inside the loop of the outstretched rubber band.

You, the magician, allow the rubber band to snap back on to all four fingers. (Fig. 2)

You turn the left hand over. (Fig.3).

A look at Fig.1 will show you that the rubber band is pulled over to the right. This is to make it easy for you to get those four fingers in!. You should now be in the position shown in Fig.3 if you now straighten out all four fingers of the left hand, the rubber band will jump over on to the third and fourth fingers. You can repeat this cojuring trick by making it jump back again by lifting up the rubber band as before and inserting all four fingers into it again. Do not let anyone see you inserting your fingers into the loop at any time, try to time it so that as you turn your hand down the band snaps and your fingers go in all at the same time

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